Department of Animal Models for Biomedical Research

Scientific Director

Sylva Haralambous, PhD, Research Associate Professor , Tel: +30 210 6478862 -210 6478854 , e-mail:

Responsible Veterinarian

Α. Μarandidou, BVSc, PhD, Research Assistant Α, Τel: +30 210 6478896



The HPI’s Department of Animal Models for Biomedical Research is the first animal facility established in Greece. High quality laboratory animals (standard and various types of transgenics),  high technology equipment and  experienced and qualified personnel, provide general and specialized services for research in modeling human diseases particularly infectious, inflammatory, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases as well as cancer.

Main goal of the Department is the unique quality services for basic or applied research at National and International level and the transfer of the existing knowledge on state-of–the art- technologies to the scientific community as well as to specific groups of the society through educational programs well tailored for each group.

The Department includes 5 units providing general services  and 3 units for research and specialized service projects.


Scientific Director: Sylva Haralambous, PhD, Research Associate Professor, Tel: +30-210- 64 78 862-3, e-mail:

Responsible Veterinarian: Α. Μarandidou, BVSc, PhD, Research Assistant Α, Τel: +30 210 6478896

Animal caretakers:  Th. Vanakas, Α. Vagionas, Ν. Vlachogiannis



Regulations & Legislation

Institutional Committee for Animal care and use

S. Haralambous, A. Karagouni, D. Sgouras, Μ. Linou, T. Maidis

Annual License for experimentation is issued by the Greek authorities, Veterinary Department of the Athens Prefecture, is valid for 1 year and can be renewed for maximum 3years, if needed. Licenses are issued to specific persons for specific premises and do not transfer upon change of ownership, nor are they valid at a different location.

-Each experimental protocol has a code number after submission to the authorized veterinarians of HPI.

External scientists who are interested in purchasing rodents from HIP’s rodent resources should fill in and send electronically the on line requestform to the scientific director of the Department

-Accessin the animal facilities is limited to the authorized personnel (animal caretakers, technicians, veterinarians) of the facility and the researchers who work with laboratory animals. Special uniform is obligatory for the entrance in the facilities.


The Department operates in line with FELASA recommendation and according tointernational and national directives and laws: PD No 160/1991, Directive 1986/609/EEC Law No 2015/1992 (Governmental Gazette No A’ 30), The Revised Ministerial Decision No 96287/1893/13-12-1995 implementation of the EEC Directive 90/219/EEC/23.04.1990, as amended by the EC Directive 94/51/EEC/07.11.1994. European Commission Recommendation Ε2007 2525, PD No 184/1996 (Governmental Gazette No A’ 137), Derective 2010/63/ΕU of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Licences: Annual licenses for  the Animal facilities of HPI are issued by the Veterinary Department of the Athens Prefecture

Licences No: Breeding and Maintenance ΕL25BIO011, Distribution ΕL25BIO012 and Experimentation ΕL25BIO012.




Animal facility buildings were established in 1983. They occupy an area of about 700 m2 with housing capacity ca. 12.000 rodents under specific pathogen free conditions (SPF). The Department consists of five units providing general services and three units for research and specialized services using cutting edge technologies that cover the needs of running competitive Biomedical Research projects.

Upgrade the facilities’ infrastructure which include renovation of existing rooms and investment in new areas of services such as ABSL3 room as well as acquisition of quality certifications in line with the international regulations are ongoing projects.

  Health Report

Health Report

Inspection of the health status in the Animal facility is being made every 6 months or sooner whenever it is considered necessary.

Download: Health report