General Services

Scientific Director: Sylva Haralambous, PhD in Biology, Research Associate Professor, Tel: +30-210- 64 78 862-3, e-mail:

Responsible Veterinarian: Α. Μarandidou, BVSc, PhD, Research Assistant Α, Τel: +30 210 6478896

Animal caretakers:  Th. Vanakas, Α. Vagionas, Ν. Vlachogiannis

Researchers are assisted by qualified staff with individual work plans to address project-specific requirements and consult on important colony decisions such as health and welfare of the animals, as  well as ways to overcome breeding or phenotype complexities as they arise.


The services provided are:

  • Distribution of inbred, outbred, transgenic, mutant, and gene targeted mice (many of which are in-house mice), rats, and guinea pigs
  • Colony maintenance and development
  • Manipulation of immunodeficient/ immunocompetent mice
  • Quarantine
  • Drug/agent administration by different routes: iv, ip, sc, per os
  • Blood sampling, sera collection, tissue collection
  • Provide frozen and paraffin embedded tissues from any animal model requested
  • Microscopic evaluation of tissue pathologies
  • Polyclonal Ab production
  • Toxicity tests
  • Vaccine quality control

For any further information, contact the Scientific Director of the Department,,voice: +302106478862-3, 896

Breeding & Distribution Unit

Breeding & Distribution Unit


Animal caretakers: Dimos D., Vlachogiannis N.


Mouse resources:

  • Inbred mice
  • Outbred mice
  • Mutant and gene targeted mouse strains

Rat resourses

  • Lewis
  • Wistar
  • Sprauge Dawley

Guinea Pigs

Distributed for quality control

Lab Animal Catalogue

Quality control Unit

Quality control Unit

Responsible: Dr D. Sofianos, Biologist-Chemist, Research Engineer A

Laboratory of Quality Control, e-mail:, voice: +302106478829
Staff:  Dr  G. Kikis, Veterinarian, Τel. +30 210 6478831

The facility is under Specific Pathogen Free conditions, SPF
Guinea pigs area
Quality control testing of vaccines produced by  the Vaccine Unit
Mice area
Toxicology tests for diagnostic purposes

Histopathology Unit

Histopathology Unit

Responsible: Dr L. Probert, Researcher Director, tel: 210 647886,  e-mail:

Dr S. Haralambous, Research Associate Professor, tel: 210 6478862-3, e-mail:, Lab of Molecular genetics

Tissue collection, embedding, sectioning, slide preparation, staining and microscopic evaluation

Large rodent Unit

Large rodent Unit


Husbandry: Th. Vanakas, tel: 210 6478800, ext. 895

The Unit is under Conventional condition, CV and the housing capacity is 30 individually caged rabbits

  • Production of polyclonal antibodies
  • Other experimental protocolsQuarantine



Animal caretaker: Th. Vanakas, voice: +30 210 6478800, ext. 895

Quarantine is under Conventional condition, CV and it has housing capacity of about 200 mice.

  • Transient Housing of animals for one month maximum.
  • Housing of Animals from other facilities scheduled to be transferred to rooms under SPF conditions (rederivation).