Seminar: The little Biologist

The Immunology Laboratory of HPI organises Seminars for elementary grade students, in order to introduce them to the field of Biology, a science with a broad spectrum of applications.

The students are separated in four groups (up to 8 children) and participate in turn into four separate 30-minute modules. The children are individually enrolled with the study and analysis of samples (e.g. cells of human oral mucosa, hair, insects, leaves, etc.) under the light microscope. In parallel, they learn about the body hygiene and the existence of viruses and microorganisms (bacteria and fungi), through an interactive PC-game. They experiment – by using Petri dishes – on the development of bacteria present on their fingers and they observe their growth on the Petri dish the next day in their classroom. Finally, they learn about the work of Louis Pasteur as well as the vaccines and their importance.

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Overall, the students are familiarised with the laboratory bench, the sample collection from the nature or humans and its observation, and become aware with part of the functions of the human organism.

The seminar lasts 2 hours in total, is available to Elementary School and takes place in certain periods during the year.


Aikaterini Hatzioannou
Ioannis Kanistras
Aggeliki  Sali
Markella Zannikou


Contact: Dr.  Peggy Lymberi,  Head of Immunology Laboratory

Tel.: 210-6478808 / 807,  Fax : 210-6478808,