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Measles / Rubella

The National Measles and Rubella Laboratory of Greece

The National Measles and Rubella Laboratory of Greece (NMRL) was established in 2003. It is a member of the WHO Global Measles Laboratory Network.

The purpose of the NMRL is to provide laboratory confirmation of initial measles cases and to isolate and characterize circulating measles viruses during outbreaks. It also provides diagnostic support for rubella. The laboratory results are reported monthly to WHO. The laboratory participated in the proficiency testing and laboratory accreditation organized annually by WHO.


Measles and rubella serology. Diagnosis of rubella congenital infections in pregnant women. Isolation, genotype characterization and molecular methods for the detection of measles and rubella viruses

Contact persons:

Andreas Mentis, mentis@paster.gr

Tel: 2106478822

Fax: 2106478803