Association of the “Friends of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute”

The Association of the “Friends of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute” is a non-profit, non-professional organization, whose aim is to encourage private initiative, in order to promote the scopes of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute (H.P.I).

To fulfill its purpose, the organization:

  • supports various activities of the H.P.I. by pursuing financial aid/sponsorship from individuals, institutions, organizations and corporations
  • informs public opinion about the importance of the scientific and social activities of the H.P.I.
  •  takes any possible action in supporting the objectives of the Institute.

Examples of the beneficial actions of the Association of the “Friends of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute” are:

  • Purchase of modern equipment for the H.P.I.
  • awards of fellowships to young scientists
  •  financial support for research programmes, contributing thereby to the needs of the Institute in the process of achieving  Excellence
  • organization of cultural and social events, as well as scientific lectures aiming to the diffusion of scientific knowledge to the general public.

The headquarters of the Association is located in Athens, 127 Vas. Sofias Avenue. Any individual or corporation, who is interested in the aims/scopes of the Association, is invited to become a member.

The governing bodies of the Association are the Executive Board, the Audit Committee and the General Assembly of its members.

The Executive Board’s current composition is the following:

  • Prof. Orestis Tsiolas                      – President
  • Mrs Vilki Antoniadou                      – Vice President
  • Mrs Georgia Koneidou                   – General Secretary
  • Mr Alexandros Kouklelis                – Treasurer
  • Dr Christina Oikonomopoulou       – Member