Department of Neurobiology

The research programs of the Department aim at understanding the function and dysfunction of the nervous and neuromuscular systems towards development of new treatments for currently incurable neurological diseases or neurotrauma, and the identification of novel biomarkers.

Studies range from molecules and structure-function relationships of neuronal receptors to cells, including stem cells and reprogramming technologies, and extend to animal models of autoimmunity, neuropathology and neuroregeneration.

Advanced light microscopy and whole animal imaging, crystallization of neuronal receptors, ligand binding studies and electrophysiology, gene and cell therapy approaches or immunotherapy constitute essential components of our research.

Staff of the Department of Neurobiology

Faculty Members

Rebecca Matsas 

Research Director

Dimitra Thomaidou


Maria Gaitanou


Erasmia Taoufik


Nikolaos Trakas

Research Staff Scientist

Florentia Papastefanaki

Research Staff Scientist

Collaborating Scientist

Socrates Tzartos

Researcher Emeritus of HPI and Professor Emeritus of the
Department of Pharmacology of University of Patras


  1. Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology – Stem Cells (R. Matsas, Head of Laboratory)
  2. Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology & Immunology (P. Zisimopoulou, Acting Group Leader)
  3. Neural Stem Cells and Neuro-Imaging Group (D. Thomaidou, Group Leader)