National Reference Laboratories of Infectious Diseases

The Hellenic Pasteur Institute hosts 5 National Reference Laboratories for Infectious diseases which play a central role in detection, monitoring/surveillance, outbreak investigation and response for infectious diseases. The National Reference Laboratories are actively involved in the rapid diagnosis of common, (re-)emerging and imported infectious microorganisms, typing of infectious agents,
molecular epidemiology and phylogenetic analysis of pathogens during outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.
The core activities of National Reference Laboratories are:

  • to use state-of-the-art validated laboratory methods for their operation
  • to deliver accurate confirmation of diagnostic results
  • to perform surveillance and support outbreak investigation
  • to develop and maintain a collection of relevant reference material

The National Reference Laboratories share the results of their studies with the Health Authorities and constitute a resource and coordination point for expertise within their specific area.

Τhe National Reference Laboratories of HPI are the following:

Eργ Aναφοράς Λοιμώξεων

National Influenza Reference Laboratory of S. Greece


National Neisseria gonorrhoeae / gonococcus Reference Laboratory

Leishmania illustration (2)

National Reference Laboratory for Leishmaniasis

Polio virus

National Polio Reference Laboratory


National Measles / Rubella Reference Laboratory