One Health

One Health recognizes that the health of humans, animals and ecosystems are interconnected. After all, approximately 75% of new emerging human infections have their origin in zoonotic agents, meaning that they are naturally transmitted from animals to humans.

One Health approach is rapidly becoming an international movement based on cross-sectoral collaborations between health science professionals, key opinion leaders and public health officials

Aim of One Health: To improve health and well-being through the prevention of risks and the mitigation of effects of crises that originate at the interface between humans, animals and their various environments.

There is a need to establish better sectoral balance among existing groups and networks, especially between veterinarians and physicians, and to increase participation of environmental and wildlife health practitioners.

Hellenic Pasteur Institute

Helllenic Pasteur Institute has always been a place where Research, Education and Public Health was reached in an holistic way, through collaborations and cross-sectoral linkages  as far as animal and human health prevention, diagnosis and therapy is concerned. The Diagnostic Department of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute, along with the National Reference Laboratories for Infectious Diseases (NRLs), is considered to be a health service of high reliability, with strong commitment to fulfill the needs of both private and public health care organizations. The NRLs and the Diagnostic department of HPI share complementary expertise and research interests and activities concerning diagnosis, epidemiology and treatment.


In October 8th 2015, HPI and Hellenic Veterinary Association co organized a multidisciplinary meeting under the title   “One health zoonoses – from the scope of veterinarians and doctors, through examples of the current situation in Greece”. This event attracted a spectacular response from multidiscipline health professionals including veterinarians, biologists and doctors.  This initial attempt to bring together professionals from different fields was strongly linked to the “one health’ concept and as there is real need for co-operation, co-education and transfer of knowledge together with gain of high level multidisciplinary expertise we decided to further move the One Health concept forward.

To move from vision to implementation and finally plan and shape an Implementation Roadmap in Greece.

October 17th 2016, the creation of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute’s One Health Committee

Introduction of One Health Initiative in Greece

Meeting Date : 17/10/2016

Location : Hellenic Pasteur Institute

Name Position
Andreas Mentis Head of Public Health Laboratories, HPI
Eleni Dotsika Head of Reference Center for Leishmaniasis, HPI
Sissy Kolyva Public Relations and Communication, HPI
Maria Linou  (coordinator) Diagnostic & Department of Development, HPI
Mary Emmanouil Staff Research Assistant, Public Health Laboratories, HPI
Elina Horefti Quality Assurance Manager, Public Health Laboratories, HPI


It was decided that the first action of the participants will be the approach of scientific institutions and the Ministries of Health and Rural Development with the purpose to cooperate in the development of One Health Platform in Greece. Also, financial support will be sought from the Greek and European Health authorities.

The participants will hold a meeting in December with the representatives from the scientific institutions and the ministries in order to inform them about the possible applications of the One Health platform in Greece.

Upcoming events

  • 12 December,2016 Our next step is the organization of a scoping meeting under the auspices and expertise of One Health Platform and Chatham House foundation in order to create the first Greek “One Health Action Team” that will bring together highly motivated scientists, governmental officials and industry partners from both the animal and human health sectors.

We will bring together people from different communities in science, policy and practice to exchange experience and views, and discuss opportunities and challenges for integration and practice.

Ministry of Health, Ministry of Rural and Food, Veterinary schools, Medical Schools, National School of Public Health, Entomologists, Public National Veterinary Laboratories etc

We envisage as this being the first step towards the creation of a truly vibrant “One Health” community in Greece where will translate the specific OH opportunities for our country to impactful solutions.

And serve as a vehicle for further collaborations on One Health programs worldwide.

  • February 2017, Repetition of the meeting being held in October 2015 in Athens “One health zoonoses – from the scope of veterinarians and doctors, through examples of the current situation in Greece”, in Thessaloniki North Greece