Publication of the Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Neurobiology – Stem Cells in the journal Neurobiology of Disease

Researchers from the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology – Stem Cells in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur in Paris and the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science published new data concerning the uptake and transmission by human neural stem cells of pathological proteins implicated in Parkinson’s disease. The transfer of pathological proteins is mediated primarily by a cell contact mechanism through tunneling nanotubes. The human neural stem cells used in this study were generated by reprograming of human dermal fibroblasts in the Human Stem Cell Unit of HPI. The ability of neural stem cells to uptake and transfer pathological proteins may limit their effectiveness in therapeutic transplantation approaches for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Human NPCs can degrade α–syn fibrils and transfer them preferentially in a cell contact-dependent manner possibly through TNT-like structures

Neurobiology of Disease 2019 132: 104609

Clara Grudina, Georgia Kouroupi, Takashi Nonaka, Masato Hasegawa, Rebecca Matsas, Chiara Zurzolo