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Biomedical research carried out at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute is in the areas of Microbiology, Neurobiology and Immunology in the respective departments. Today, the permanent research staff includes 29 scientists …

Public Health

One of the key roles of HPI is its direct response το specific threats to Public Health, by detecting and isolating numerous pathogens causing outbreaks, epidemics and/or pandemics.In parallel it assists the Ministry …



Εducation is one of the main activities of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute from its founding until today. It is multidimensional and addresses different groups of the society. The HPI’s Scientific and Administrative …

Department of Microbiology

The study of Infectious Diseases constitutes an important activity for HPI, with…

Department of Neurobiology

The research programs of the Department aim at understanding the function and …

Department of Immunology

Research in the Department of Immunology focuses upon understanding how the immune system …

Research Infranstrure

Excellence in research is directly rlinked to excellence in the available state-of- the art …

Diagnostic Department

National Reference Laboratories of Infectious Diseases


Measles’ epidemic in Greece in 2017

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Recent News

Two-day Workshop in Light Microscopy Technology

The Light Microscopy facility of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute co-organizes with the Leica company a two-day workshop on advanced techniques of Light Microscopy The workshop...

Post-doctoral position at the Light Microscopy facility of the HELLENIC PASTEUR INSTITUTE, Athens, Greece

The Hellenic Pasteur Institute is announcing one (1) post-doctoral position under the Action entitled “A Greek Research Infrastructure for Visualizing & Monitoring Fundamental Biological...

Pint of Science – Creative Reactions – May, 14 to 16

      Pint of Science – Creative Reactions – May, 14 to 16 at six d.o.g.s. The Hellenic Pasteur Institute participates in the Pint of Science festival...



Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN)

The International Network of Pasteur Institutes and Associated Institutes (Reseau International des …

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