Public Health

One of the key roles of HPI is its direct response to specific threats to Public Health, by detecting and isolating numerous pathogens causing outbreaks, epidemics and/or pandemics. In parallel it  assists the Ministry of Health in the surveillance, prevention and control of infectious diseases through its National Reference Laboratories. Clearly, the geographical position of Greece at the crossroads between East and West and in the vicinity of North Africa plays a strategic role in monitoring the  import, emergence and reemergence of infectious diseases into the European continent.


National Reference Laboratories of Infectious Diseases


Diagnostic Services

The laboratories of the Diagnostic Services Department provide a wide range of tests for the diagnosis of infectious, autoimmune neurological and neurodegenerative diseases to outpatients and hospitalized patients.


Vaccines Unit

The Vaccines Unit of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute has been in operation since 1988, licensed by the General Secretariat for Industry and the Greek National …


Quality Control Department

The scope of Quality Control department (QCD) of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute is to assure that pharmaceutical products conform to …