Research Technological Infrastructure

Excellence in research is directly rlinked to excellence in the available state-of- the art technologies. The technological facilities in HPI are developed to actively participate in the competitive translational and basic research projects carried out in the Intistute’s laboratories. The investigators responsible for the research technological infrastructure of HPI strive to set up and maintain technological units providing advanced services to academia and bioindustry.

The following Research Infrastructure of HPI offer services to off-house users as well.

BANNER Μιcroscopy unit

Light Microscopy Unit

The Light Microscopy Unit (HPI-LMU) of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute (HPI) is one of the most modern and well-equipped Imaging Units in Greece and …


Department of Animal Models for Biomedical Research

Hellenic Pasteur Institute, since its foundation, maintains laboratory animals that are used for research purposes in regard to …


Transgenic Technology

The Transgenic Technology Lab (TTL) is a Research Infrastructure of HPI founded in 1996 and supported by General Secretariat for Research …


Κυτταρομετρία Ροής