Biomedical research carried out at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute is in the areas of Microbiology, Neurobiology and Immunology in the respective departments. Today, the permanent research staff includes 31 scientists, twenty four (24) researchers and seven (7) research staff scientists. The research activities of the Institute are enriched by the work of 3 associate university professors and a professor emeritus.


Department of Microbiology

The study of Infectious Diseases constitutes an important activity for HPI, with pioneering contributions in the field. HPI is nationally and internationally …


Department of Neurobiology

The research programs of the Department aim at understanding the function and dysfunction of the nervous and neuromuscular systems towards development …


Department of Immunology

Research in the Department of Immunology focuses upon understanding how the immune system functions to maintain homeostasis under physiological …


Research Technological Infrastructure

Excellence in research is directly rlinked to excellence in the available state-of- the art technologies …