Vaccines Unit

The Vaccines Unit of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute has been in operation since 1988, licensed by the General Secretariat for Industry and the Greek National Competent Authority (National Organization for Medicines-E.O.F.), for the production of sterile parenteral products for human and veterinary use. It is independently housed in a ground-floor building, with additional separate auxiliary cold room and storage spaces. Its operation is supported by the Laboratory of Quality Control and the Animal House Unit of the Institute and its mission is the subsidized provision and commercial distribution of specific vaccines and biological products to the Ministry of Health, Hospitals, Public Health Institutions, the Armed Forces and the Private Sector. These products include tuberculin PPD and BCG vaccine, as well as vaccines against poliomyelitis (injectable), rabies, yellow fever, typhoid fever, tetanus, cholera and measles. The production activity of the Unit is currently suspended, under authorization from E.O.F., due to functional and structural remodeling of the sterile production infrastructure, to meet the requirements of the current European regulations for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), as well as the pertinent National legislation. Current restructuring involves the harmonization with modern standards as well as the implementation of a complete Pharmaceutical Quality System that incorporates current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with Quality Risk Management (QRM), alongside essential interventions and upgrades of the existing infrastructure. To this end, funding has been secured through a donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Production activities of the Unit are currently expected to resume in the second half of 2023.

Staff of Vaccines Unit

Head of Vaccines Unit

Person Responsible for orders and communication

Dionyssios Sgouras, PhD

Research Director, Laboratory of Medical Microbiology
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Panagiotis Psarrakos, PhD

Research Associate, Laboratory of Medical Microbiology
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