Sponsorships and donations have supported Biomedical research and Public Health activities at HPI from its founding year till today. The sponsors are numerous charitable foundations or private sector companies. HPI expresses its thanks to all sponsors and donors and stresses how important their support has been through their generous offers.

(2 Sept. 2009)

Donation of 79.730 € for the purchase of equipment in the laboratory of Molecular Virology (Scientific Responsible: Dr. Mavromara P)

(16 Dec.  2010)

Donation of 35.775 € for the supply of scientific equipment, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Rebecca Matsas)

(30 Sept. 2009)

Donation of 20.000 € for the creation of the Historical Archives of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute, work that is underway under the responsibility of the researcher Dr. S. Haralambous.

(19 April 2011)

Sponsorship of 15.000 € to the “Intracellular parasitism” research group supporting the research project of the team investigating mechanisms by which the protozoan parasite Leishmania donovani infects humans and domestic animals and causes the disease of Kalaazar (Scientific Responsible: Dr. H. Boleti).

(24 Feb. 2010)

Financial support of 5.000 € to the HPI Department of animal models for Biomedical Research (Scientific Responsible: Dr. S. Haralambous & Veterinarian M. Linou)